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Research- Cells

Nerve cell (Neuron)

Structure:  “head” and a long branch attached to it.

Function:  transports data by electric pulses to other cells.

Size: head- 100 micrometer, branch- 100cm

Life span:

Quantity: Doesn’t change from birth only grows , each cell grows thousands of branches that connect with other cells.

Egg cell (ovum)

Structure:  round and spherical.

Function:  Reproduction

Size: 100 micrometer

Life span: 12 hr.

Quantity: 300-500

Skin cell

Structure: different shapes in different body parts, includes the material animals have in their horns.

Function: protection

Size: changes

Life span: renews itself

Plant cell

Structure: Has a geometric shape because its membrane surrounded with stiff shield.

     The cell includes chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll that gives the plant its color. 

Function: Enables the photosynthesis function and builds the leaf.


Life span: Varies

Epithelium cell

Structure: Salivary

Function: lining bodily organs and surfaces


Life span: 3-5 days

Muscle cell

Skeletal cells

Structure: long and narrow, has 10,000 fibers in it.

Function: Carries the main muscles in our body.

Size: length 1-40 mm, width 10-40 micrometers

Life span: dies in case of injury, doesn’t reproduce itself , only grows incase of constant exercise.

Smooth cells

Structure: shorter, less fibers & Mitochondrion then the skeletal cells.

Function: is found within the walls of organs and structures doesn’t move much.

Size: length 15-200 micron width 3-8 micron

White blood cells, leukocytes

Structure: amorphous , changes it shape all the time

Function: Destroys germs and any foreign substance by swallowing it.

    Travels everywhere, when it senses a germ of some kind it fibers get lengthened and push the white cell towards the germ.

Size: 3-4 micrometer

Life span: depends on the persons health

Red blood cell

Structure: bowl like shape

Function: Brings oxygen to all cells.

Size: diameter 6-8 micron, 2 micron thick

Life span: 105-120 days


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