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Conceptual Collage

This is a conceptual collage that represents the idea of space perception via sound and the effect of it on the passersby. The collage consits of white blood cells of all kinds and bacteria (green), the whiteblood cells duplicates itself and accupies more volume (space perception) by surrounding the bacteria cells (sound). As far as there’s a growth in bacteria cells the white blood cells duplicate itself and accupy more volume/space.


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Research- Cells

Nerve cell (Neuron)

Structure:  “head” and a long branch attached to it.

Function:  transports data by electric pulses to other cells.

Size: head- 100 micrometer, branch- 100cm

Life span:

Quantity: Doesn’t change from birth only grows , each cell grows thousands of branches that connect with other cells.

Egg cell (ovum)

Structure:  round and spherical.

Function:  Reproduction

Size: 100 micrometer

Life span: 12 hr.

Quantity: 300-500

Skin cell

Structure: different shapes in different body parts, includes the material animals have in their horns.

Function: protection

Size: changes

Life span: renews itself

Plant cell

Structure: Has a geometric shape because its membrane surrounded with stiff shield.

     The cell includes chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll that gives the plant its color. 

Function: Enables the photosynthesis function and builds the leaf.


Life span: Varies

Epithelium cell

Structure: Salivary

Function: lining bodily organs and surfaces


Life span: 3-5 days

Muscle cell

Skeletal cells

Structure: long and narrow, has 10,000 fibers in it.

Function: Carries the main muscles in our body.

Size: length 1-40 mm, width 10-40 micrometers

Life span: dies in case of injury, doesn’t reproduce itself , only grows incase of constant exercise.

Smooth cells

Structure: shorter, less fibers & Mitochondrion then the skeletal cells.

Function: is found within the walls of organs and structures doesn’t move much.

Size: length 15-200 micron width 3-8 micron

White blood cells, leukocytes

Structure: amorphous , changes it shape all the time

Function: Destroys germs and any foreign substance by swallowing it.

    Travels everywhere, when it senses a germ of some kind it fibers get lengthened and push the white cell towards the germ.

Size: 3-4 micrometer

Life span: depends on the persons health

Red blood cell

Structure: bowl like shape

Function: Brings oxygen to all cells.

Size: diameter 6-8 micron, 2 micron thick

Life span: 105-120 days

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Amorphous, has one entrance and one exit, more volume under the bridge and becomes huge above the bridge, constantly changing, db determines the volume.

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Structure that takes a person through a spatial experience. Sound changes the volume of the structure by its intensity and demonstrates the space perception of the subject. A structure that reflects a person’s spatial experience caused by sound.

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Sound effect animation

In my animation the effect that I wanted to pass on is how the volume of space can change by the sound a person hears and how it effects his perception of space. Space becomes flexible to the person that walks in it. In other words, when I walk under the bridge and hear the sound of cars above the bridge my perception of space changes and I feel like im in a much bigger space then it is. I feel tiny in comparison to the bridge because of the sound.

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The Physical Effects of Sound

Traydio | Resonant Beings – ‘The Physical Effects of Sound and Vibration’..

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SoundWalk- Namir Bridge documentation

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Experiment #1- Blindfolded

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