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In this stage I’ve connected the links to one another by its sound so I could see the changes that are happening. next , I’ve decided to focus on the spaces between the rises on the links. The reason why I made it that way is because of the continuity and the flow of the sound.


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I’ve discovered that there is no meaning to the way that the line goes (up or down-rises). The space between the rises on every link is what determines the excitement level.

I’ve measured the spaces in every link , including the first ekg I’ve made, and got to the conclusion that I can categorize the spaces into 3 groups.

First group ranges between 1.7-2cm : Very excited

Second group ranges between 2.1-2.3cm : Excited

Third group ranges between 2.4-2.7cm : Normal reaction

Next, I’ve organized the links by sound (sound of cars under the bridge,above & etc.) and after wards, by ranking the sounds. The sound that its excitement level is the highest isĀ  on the top.

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EKG Namir bridge

After the mid term presentation I was told to go back to the Ekg process and make the same test at the bridge location . By that I could check how I feel about the sounds there.

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Please make sure that your sound is turned on.

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Potentional sound sources- Namir bridge



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SoundWalk- Solid/Void

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SoundWalk- Namir Bridge documentation

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Experiment #2- Not blindfolded

Location : Charuzim garden, Ramat Gan

Time: 12:00 noon

Date: 20.11.09

I did the same experiment but this time without being blindfolded.

1st try I’ve measured my pulse at the exact times like in the blindfolded experiment, obviously it was in different locations in the garden because this time I could see where I’m going ( I’ve passed the whole area in less then 1 min).

The results were these:

2nd try I’ve measured my pulse in the same locations like in the 1st experiment with no relations to time :

My conclusions from this experiment are that the fact that I’m walking normal or slower does’nt effect my heartbeats. From the last graph when I walked in a normal speed (much faster then before) my heartbeat went down.


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Experiment #1 – Blindfolded

Location: Charuzim garden, Ramat gan.

Time : 12:00 noon

In this experiment I’ve tried to show that a person can orient his way through sound, in this example I’m blindfolded with a camera following the sound of cars coming from the Ayalon highway.

By doing this I’ve measured my pulse during the experiment to see if the sound effects my excitement. From the graph attached to this post you can definitely see that it does.

Christophe had suggested me to do the same experiment but not blindfolded at this time and see the difference.


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Experiment #1- Blindfolded

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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